14-Year-Old Girl Saved From Falling Off Deadly 60-Foot Cliff side Near Sussex By A Hero Pit Bull!

We all know that dogs can save people from danger and even death. This story that speaks about a pit, who saved a 14-year-old girl from death, proves that perfectly.




Max, a George Conner’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier, sensed that something was not right on a cliffside near Sussex, a place for several suicides over the last few years. The dog felt about the girl and went to investigate, which led his 46-year-old owner to follow him.



The owner saw a 14-year-old girl sitting up on a cliffside there, so he directly called the police. The dog insisted to stay in the girl’s side till the police came. Thankfully, the police came and were able to pull the girl from the fence. The girl would have been died without Max. What a Hero! Watch the video above to have more information.



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