This Is What Happened After A Family Moved Away And Left Their Dog Behind

Having dogs in your home is something that many people like, but the problem is that people do not like the annoying voice that some dog breeds make. Do not worry! This list contains 15 dog breeds that hardly bark.

1-Bernese Mountain Dog

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This dog breed, that is originated in Switzerland, is so big and nice. The most common color of the Bernese mountain dog is black and white. The mountain dogs have rust colored markings on front legs, mouth, and eyes. Their ears are triangular in shape, and tail is carried down. Their weight ups to 50 kg, and their weight ranges between 24-inches. They are so friendly and nice with kids and the other pets. Unfortunately, the average life span of this breed ranges between 6-8 years.

2-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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This breed is one of the quietest dog breeds in the world. It is suitable to live in the city as it is cute, friendly and quiet.

3-French Bulldog

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French Bulldogs are the real fans of going for walks! They hardly bark, because of their playful nature.

4-English Bulldog

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English Bulldogs are just as the same as the French ones in their playful nature. The best thing for them is to snooze on the sofa.

5- Basenji

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This breed is known between people as the “barkless dog.” But the truth is that this breed has a very loud voice that makes odd noise, but it hardly barks.

6- Borzoi

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This breed is so tall with beautiful silk coat and distinctive long head. There are many colors of this dog breed such as fawn, red, cream, white, and black. Unfortunately, this nice, gentle dog breed does not live so long, its average lifespan ranges between 7-10 years.

7- Scottish Deerhound

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This dog breed does not fit in your lab, as its height is approximately 3 feet at the shoulder. The Deerhound can make a good gallop outdoors, but they need a long nap after it.

8- Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

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This breed just barks when necessary, and they are known as “Wheaten greetin'”, which means that they jump a lot to greet people.

9- Shiba Inu

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This breed is known all over the world for doge meme as they do not bark but in necessary, and when they bark, their sounds are just like a cat meowing.

10- Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherds, that are bright and active, are actually existing in the United States. They just bark when needed; they start barking without stopping to alert their owners!

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