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10 Dog Breeds That Hardly Ever Bark

Having dogs in your home is something that many people like, but the problem is that people do not like the annoying voice that some dog breeds make. Do not worry! This list contains 15 dog breeds that hardly bark.

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Stray Dog Falls Asleep, After Being Rescued, OnThe Shoulder Of His Rescuer

Rescuing stray dogs is one of the best things that people can do. These dogs are just like human, and they want places, where they can feel safe.



This story, that took place in Dubai, speaks about an exhausted stray dog, who was saved by an Indian man called Anand Raman. When Raman saw the dog, he was exhausted and afraid of people, so he decided to take him in his car to help him.



When the dog feels that he is in safe hands, he falls asleep on Raman’s shoulder! So, Raman decided to adopt him after what the dog did! The dog, that was named Snowy, is now in good hands with Anand, who takes care of him. How adorable! Watch the video below to have more information.


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