7 Shortest Living Dog Breeds In The World

The most common asked question by dog lovers is "How long will my dog live?” The reason is completely obvious as the dogs do not live so long. This article speaks about the 7 shortest living dog breeds in the world.

2-Bernese Mountain Dog

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This dog breed, that is originated in Switzerland, is so big and nice. The most common color of the Bernese mountain dog is black and white. The mountain dogs have rust colored markings on front legs, mouth, and eyes. Their ears are triangular in shape, and tail is carried down. Their weight ups to 50 kg, and their weight ranges between 24-inches. They are so friendly and nice with kids and the other pets. Unfortunately, the average life span of this breed ranges between 6-8 years. Common Heath Problems Found In Bernese Mountain Dog -SAS or Subvalvular aortic stenosis: it is congenital heart problem, that leads to obstruction to the blood. -Elbow dysplasia, which is a common problem in this breed. -Histiocytic sarcoma: which a bad cancer that leads to abnormal reproduction of histiocytic immune cells. This cancer affects lungs, skin, and bones.


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