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Dog Has Been Rejected On Adoption Day, That Moment His Foster Mom Realizes She Has Been 'Set Up'

To foster an animal for a strict time and then leave it to its forever home is a very hrad thing. These parents are experiencing this hard task with a dog who will be given so much of love and care.



Nicki Clawson fostered Cookie for the Northwest Boxer Rescue but she eventually fell in love with her when she had to go to be adopted.



It was very hard moment when the fosters go to their new home.Nicki was actually crying with a broken heart while she was waiting to meet the forever family to arrive. Suddenly something not expected had happened. Nicki's tears started falling and she overwhelmed with emotion after she knew that the rescue group had chosen her to adopt Cookie because she loved her so very much and can't separate from her. Watch the video below to have more information.



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