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Dog Who Trained To Play Jenga, Become So Skilled And Unbeatable

Secret, an intelligent Australian Shepherd, has become a master in a game called Jenga. In addition to that, she can perfectly dance, paint, draw, do yoga, go sledding on her own.



It is known that Australian Shepherdshave highly active minds and are very energetic. The dog’s owner, Mary, 17, understands the inquisitive and adventurousspirit of her dog, and always does her best to keep her happy.



In the video below, you can see that Mary playing Jenga, a game of balance and focus, with Secret, and it is obvious that she is good in the game! Mary decided to not crash her dog’s talent. You can see in the video that she is completely aware of the rules of the game. How genius! Watch the video above to have more information.




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Culling Dogs Has Gotten Out Of Hand. We Should See More People Talking About This!

We all heard about culling, but do you know what culling exactly means?! Culling is pursuit of removing deficiency food from a deficiency or a harvest animal from becoming populations. Culling in history was just applied if there was a critical inhibitor to the health of a crop or some animals.

If culling was really necessary, it did not mean that the animal will be dead, like what just happened in Bangladesh. The preservation laws of animals were from 1920! The Severity to Animals Act legally prevents the culling of the dogs, and people who are caught acting these bad actions are supposed to serve some time in jail, or be fined.

In Dhaka, the capital city, more than 20,000 poor dogs are sadly culled every year. Animal rights groups and residents have been objected for new ways to control the lost dog population, which officials expect to be about 2.5 million.

Dog Culling Is Illegal In Bangladesh

Basically, the Bengali government is really ignoring the outrage of the citizens and also the law.
About 2,000 people die every year in Bangladesh. It was considered as the highest death rates all over the world.

In response, the government is supposed to sterilize or vaccinate the strays, but has instead turned to brutal practices like dog culling. The government is wanting to vaccinate or sterilize these stray dogs. But they have turned to cruel practices like these instead.
The process of the culling is clarified in the video, watch it to know this brutal act.

The Story Of Kashtanka

A woman called Rubaiya Ahmad grew in Dhaka, the place where she had adopted a lost dog, she called him Kashtanka. Fed him with water and food for years.
The authorities in Dhaka came and took Kashtanka as they wanted to eradicate hydrophobia, regardless that they were told by Rubaiya that he had already been vaccinated. Unfortunately, the bad handlers killed Kashtanka, took him with the truck and then threw him in a landfill.

That led Rubaiya to go to Obhoyaronna, an animal organization in Bangladesh, that was dedicated to saving and preserving street dogs.

Obhoyaronna is a partner with the Food and Agriculture Organization and Humane Society International, which is calling on the Bengali government to make a nation-wide program to promote using vaccination instead of culling.

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