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Owner Threw His Three Puppies On A Busy Street, Since He Doesn't Want Them Any More

Andrei Matei was completely surprised when he saw 3 puppies sitting in the side of the street all alone when he was about to hit one of them that was running to cross the road. It was obvious that the puppies were abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the streets.



So, Andrei decided to take them with him instead of leaving them on the street. So, he then took them home and gave them the food and water they needed and asked his friends about what he should do next.

His friend suggested to contact Aura Vasile, a local animal rescuer. Aura met the pups at the vet clinic where they were being treated for worms and fleas, she then took them with her. Thankfully, Aura was able to find forever homes for the 3 puppies in just less than a week! How lucky they are!


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