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Soon, It Would Be Illegal To Chain Your dog Outside

Understanding the people who caged or chained up their dogs outside their homes is really a difficult thing. Imagine the you are forced to defecate, urinate, sleep, and eat in the same tiny space! Actually, many dogs in this life are forced to do these things in the same space.



To be honest, the dogs deserve better life as they should be able to be part of a pack, exercise, and explore. But when they are chained up to a dog house or tree outside, they are far away from doing these things. Thankfully, a new law would ban 24/7 tethering which means saving many lives of dogs.




If you see dogs chained outside, you can help them by contacting the local elected officials and asking them to help the dogs. Changing illegal have already been made by some jurisdictions so you can help break the chain with an ordinance in your community. Watch the video below to have more information.



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Toto can be seen jumping up on his owner’s leg and trying to pull to get away. The look on Toto’s face says it all. The reason Toto was given up was that he is too vocal. Well, that is a flimsy excuse, training is useful for that behavior. The Carson Animal Control office was desperate, they were full, and Toto needed to find a foster home because a dog that is surrendered by their owner can be put down for any reason.

The good news is less than 24 hours ago, Toto didn’t find a foster home, but got adopted instead! The darling won’t have to worry about being surrendered again. 

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