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Starving Stray Dog Found A Narrow Way, Has Been Shown Love For The First Time


This story speaks about a poor stray dog who has no hope to stay alive in Greece so he decided to find a quiet spot to stay in to death in peace. But, DAR Animal Rescue's rescuers saved him just in time, and they took him to the nearest vet to be examined.



The dog's mental and body state were really bad as he was living in the streets with no one to love or even to play with. The skinny dog, that was named Marios, was totally defeated when he was at the vet as his kidneys were failing and his eyes were badly infected. So, the veterinarian said that the best thing was to admit the dog for a while.



The dog was then transferred to DAR’s shelter after receiving medication and IV nourishment to become stronger. Thankfully, Marios managed to eat his first lunch by himself after few days, and the volunteers of DAR also tried to make him feel happy by giving him the love, care, and kindness he needed.



He was then able to move by himself which was a great sign as he was strong enough to move and make his own steps by himself. The big surprise was that Marios was adapted by a loving family as he was completely healed after the shelter shared his story on their social media pages and YouTube channel. Watch the video below to have more information.



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