The Worst Breeds To Adopt According To Veterinarians

having pets in your home is not something easy, you have to choose the perfect dog for your home. So, this is a list of 10 dogs that are worst to adopt according to veterinarians:

1-Alaskan Malamute

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This breed, that is originated to weight-pulling, is powerful and large. The Alaskan malamute, that has a colorful and thick coat, is very known as a family pet. The dogs of this breed have many colors such as red and white, gray and white, black and white, sable, and light gray. Its weight is up to 40 kg, and its height reaches up to 25 inches. They are so loyal and friendly, so they can’t be watchdogs. And they can’t be pets as they can attack small kids.


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This breed is an alert, fearless, obedient dog, who can be a good guard dog. But the problem is that they’d listen to you, only if they are well-trained. Rottweilers can take actions against any stranger, but you have to make sure that your Rottweiler is well-trained.


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If you want the best guard dog, you have to choose the Bullmastiff, that has strong protective instincts and intimidating look. If you train your Bullmastiff properly, they can also get along well with the kids. This breed can easily distinguish between bad and good persons, as they are sociable. A fully-grown male bullmastiff weighs up to 60 kg, and heights up to approximately 70 cm, so having one of this breed as a watchdog, not a pet, is a perfect idea.

4-St. Bernard

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With an average a weight of 64-91 kg and a size of 27-35.4 inches, the Saint Bernard is a giant breed. the St. Bernards are originally developed for rescue operations in the Alps, as they have a very muscled and strong body. The St. Bernard, that can travel miles in snow, should be well-trained to become sociable. They are so cute, devoted, to their humans, and domestic dogs.

5-Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherds, that are bright and active, are actually existing in the United States. They just bark when needed; they start barking without stopping to alert their owners! So, they can be good watchdogs, not pets.

6-Siberian Husky

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This dog breed is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world, it is known for its loyalty, and friendliness. The Siberian Husky, that looks like a wolf, has a very thick coat, which is thicker than most other breeds. They are so great, active and intelligent, they can be a family pet, but with long training.

7-French Bulldog

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French Bulldogs are the real fans of going for walks! They hardly bark, because of their playful nature. Despite being playful, they are not perfect for children.

8-Shih Tzu

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This breed lived in China in history, specifically with Chinese royalty. This breed, that has more than 1000 years experiencing serving as companions, are joyful, and can be good roommates, but they need long training.


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Regardless of being a difficult breed to raise, this dog breed can be a good guard dog, and a great companion. Akita is strong and loyal. Akita breed is very active and affectionate, it knows when to bark. They can also take actions if it is needed. Having a problem in welcoming the home guests is not a feature of the well-trained Akitas.

10-Great Dane

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This breed is the tallest breed in the world, its height reaches 36 inches for the Great Dane, that is full grown, whose weight is about 198 lb, so it is hard to pet them. The Great Dane is so cute, confident, devoted, loving, and gentle. Their average lifespan is 6-8 years. They are among the oldest dogs in the world, 3000 B.C.

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