Top 7 Largest Dog Breeds In The World

have you ever thought about the size of your dog?! Do you think that your dog is one of the biggest in the world? This article speaks about the 7 largest dog breeds on earth.

1-English Mastiff

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English Mastiff, that is so smart and beautiful, is the largest breed in the world as its height ranges between 27-33 inches, and its weight ranges between 68-110. The heaviest and tallest dog in the world was taken by Zorba, an English Mastiff dog who heighted 27cm long, and weighed 142.7 kg, in 1981. The English Mastiff, that rarely barks, one of the oldest dogs in the world, from 3000 B.C. The English Mastiffs have a black mask, a black nose, the ‘V’ shaped ears and a heavy square head, which gives them a unique shape. Their short hair is available in various colors, including brindle, apricot, and golden fawn.

2-Great Dane

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This breed is the tallest breed in the world, its height reaches 36 inches for the Great Dane, that is full grown, whose weight is about 198 lb. The Great Dane is so cute, confident, devoted, loving, and gentle. Their average lifespan is 6-8 years. They are among the oldest dogs in the world, 3000 B.C. Zeus, a Great Dane recorded a new Guinness record by being the tallest dog in the world in 2012. The Great Danes are so intelligent, affectionate, gentle, and playful. They are also sociable. They can be used as a therapy dog, as they are good companions for children.


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With an average a weight of 64-91 kg and a size of 27-35.4 inches, the Saint Bernard is a giant breed. the St. Bernards are originally developed for rescue operations in the Alps, as they have a very muscled and strong body. The St. Bernard, that can travel miles in snow, should be well-trained to become sociable. They are so cute, devoted, to their humans, and domestic dogs.

4-Neopolitan Mastiff

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This breed is originated in was used as a war and guardian dog by the Romans. Its weight ranges between 54.4 -90.4 kg, and its height ranges between 26-30 inches. The Neopolitan Mastiffs have thick wrinkled face, a large nose, a large flat head, and loose skin. The Neopolitan Mastiff, that comes with many colors include fawn, brown, leaden black, and gray, needs to be trained in its early age to became sociable. They are family lovers, protectors, and intelligent. They rarely bark.

5-Irish Wolfhound

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The Irish Wolfhound, that heights up to 35 inches, is one of the tallest dogs in the world. The Irish wolfhound, that is loyal, sweet-tempered, generous, and patient, is used as a hunting dog. They love kids, but unfortunately their lives ranges between 6-10 years. They come with 53-84 in weight, and 28-35 inches in height.


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Leonberger, the giant dog breed, is originated in Germany, and is named after a city there called Leonberg. This breed looks like a lion with its long coat and striking black mask. They have a very well-balanced and muscular body. They have a weight between 45 and 77 kg, and a height of 26-32 inches. They have a black mask and a large rectangular head. The Leonberger breed dogs, that comes with many colors such as brown, cream, red and yellow, are intelligence and loyal. They also have a lot of patience.


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Newfoundland has very strong bones with 60-70 in weight, and 27-30 in height. They are stronger than many large dog breeds like the English Mastiff. They have a strong neck, and very broad and massive head. Newfoundland dogs, that are very devoted and protective to their family, are very sensitive to sounds. These dogs, that can easily be trained, are friendly and calm with kids.

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