Top 7 Largest Dog Breeds In The World

have you ever thought about the size of your dog?! Do you think that your dog is one of the biggest in the world? This article speaks about the 7 largest dog breeds on earth.

2-Great Dane

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This breed is the tallest breed in the world, its height reaches 36 inches for the Great Dane, that is full grown, whose weight is about 198 lb. The Great Dane is so cute, confident, devoted, loving, and gentle. Their average lifespan is 6-8 years. They are among the oldest dogs in the world, 3000 B.C. Zeus, a Great Dane recorded a new Guinness record by being the tallest dog in the world in 2012. The Great Danes are so intelligent, affectionate, gentle, and playful. They are also sociable. They can be used as a therapy dog, as they are good companions for children.


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