Top 7 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Dog is not just the man’s best friend; they also love you more than themselves. Actually, dogs are so so beautiful, and sociable. This list shows us the most 7 beautiful dogs.


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This breed becomes the third small dog breed in the world, as its weight ranges between 1.9-3.5 kg. Pomeranians, that have more than 20 different colors including: beaver sable, wolf sable, orange, chocolate, and cream, are so popular in the world. They can be taken everywhere because of their small size. The Pomeranians can be great companions, if they received a proper early training. They can be watchdogs, as they are highly intelligent. They are also playful, social, and active. It is so beautiful.

2-Siberian Husky

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This dog breed is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world, it is known for its loyalty, and friendliness. The Siberian Husky, that looks like a wolf, has a very thick coat, which is thicker than most other breeds. They are so great, active and intelligent, they can be a family pet. The height of this breed ranges between 21-24 inches, and its weight also ranges between 22-28 kg. You need to train them very well to make them an obedient active dog.

3-Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever, that is known for being good-natured, smart, and beautiful, is one of the most popular dogs in the world. The Golden Retrievers have beautiful coats with a variety of shades of golden color. They are so beautiful, energetic, intelligent, obedient dogs. The weight of a fully-grown golden retriever ups to 35 kg, and its height ranges between 22-24. You have to train your Golden Retriever so well, if you want it to be sociable.


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This dog breed, that looks like a miniature foxhound, is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. The Beagle, that has short square muzzle and broader head, is also well known in U.S. Its weight ups to 11 kg, and its height ranges between 14-16. There are many colors of this breed such as lemon, red, white, and brown shading on black and white (the most common). They are intelligent, loyal, social, and good at hunting.

5-Akita Inu

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This breed, that is originated in Japan, is so large and cute. But these days, Akita Inu has 2 types - American, that comes in all dog colors, and Japanese, that comes in 5 colors, brindle, sesame, red, fawn, and pure white. Akita Inu is large, as its height ups to 26 inches, and its weight ranges between 34-54 kg. They are completely loyal to their family, and they can suspect the strangers and bark, if they are well-trained.

6-Alaskan Malamute

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This breed, that is originated to weight-pulling, is powerful and large. The Alaskan malamute, that has a colorful and thick coat, is very known as a family pet. The dogs of this breed have many colors such as red and white, gray and white, black and white, sable, and light gray. Its weight is up to 40 kg, and its height reaches up to 25 inches. They are so loyal and friendly, so they can’t be watchdogs.

7-Bernese Mountain Dog

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This dog breed, that is originated in Switzerland, is so big and nice. The most common color of the Bernese mountain dog is black and white. The mountain dogs have rust colored markings on front legs, mouth, and eyes. Their ears are triangular in shape, and tail is carried down. Their weight ups to 50 kg, and their weight ranges between 24-inches. They are so friendly and nice with kids and the other pets.

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