Top 7 shortest living animals in the world

Knowing everything about animals is a good thing, as many animal lovers want to have different types of animals. But when you decided to have an animal, you have to know the main thing about it. One of these main things is how long it will live. The list below speaks about the Top 7 shortest living animals in the world.


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Can you believe that there is a creature on earth that lives for just 24 hours?! Yes, it is called Mayfly. The Mayflies, that are called ‘’a-day insects’’, have more than 2450 types, and some of them pass away in just few hours! Reproduction is the purpose of them.


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Gastrotrichs, that just grow to 3 millimeters, have a short lifespan that estimates to just 3 days. They have swim along with currents and transparent body structure. They have females and males for reproduction.

Drone Ants

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The male types of an ant colony called drone ants. They just live for 21 days. They are so lazy. They passed away in a really fast way after meeting their females.


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It is one most common insects, that you see in your life. The houseflies live for approximately a month! Their females lay more than 900 eggs in just 4 weeks! can you believe the massive number of the houseflies, if they live or a long lifespan!

Dragon Fly

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There are more than 4500 different types of this insects on earth. They live for about 4 months at max. However, most dragonflies do not live as long as they can be quickly eaten by frogs, lizards, birds, and spiders. The strong wind and other harsh climatic conditions also prevent them from developing as larvae. Dragonflies cannot fly quickly after completing the larval phase. In this situation, they are quickly eaten by birds and reptiles. They can no longer live in cold weather.

House Mouse

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The House mouse can live for about a year, but many of them get eaten or killed by poison or cats. Anyway, they already have health issues.


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This animal just lives a year at max. In fact, they have the shortest lifespan among chameleon family and reptiles. Panther chameleons are originated to Northern and Eastern parts of Madagascar. Interestingly, the whole adult chameleons disappear before the next generation.

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