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UPS Driver With A Busy Route Pause His Work To Rescue A Dog From Icy Pond

Ryan Arens, a UPS driver, heard tiny cries coming from a nearby pond in Bozeman, Montana, while he was on his road there just before Christmas. So, he went to find out the source of the cries and he found a dog trapped there in the ice.


 Ryan saw a man also trying to save the dog, but he was having trouble, so he decided to intervene to help the dog. So, Ryan was able to distribute his weight using a boat by sliding it out into the ice, which helped him to reach the point where the dog fell through. He then started swimming in the icy water to catch the dog before falling under the water at that point. Fortunately, he was able to grab Sadie, the dog, to the thicker ice where he was in safety. And he went to take a hot shower before finishing his road, and the local sheriff department and Animal control arrived.


Thankfully, Ryan was fine despite the cold shock and some cuts and Sadie survived with no serious injuries. He said that it was the best moment in his career, and added that his weakness is animals.The both recently reunited and the surprise was that Sadie recognized Ryan! How adorable! 


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