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Wallaby Babies Are Now Safe After Being Rescued From Australian Bushfires

We all know that there are many natural disasters that happen in this world from time to time including earthquakes, volcanoes, and bonfires, which are one of the worst natural disasters. The last bonfires that have started in December in Australia and are still raging have taken more than 400 million animals' lives and unfortunately the number is still growing without any sight to stop nearly.



7 wallaby babies in immediate need to be rescued were taken by The Agile Project, that learned about them after losing their mothers because of the fire. Thankfully The Agile Project were able to take them all as they bounced from carer to carer. The workers of Agile Project directly fell in love with them, but the problem was that they had minor injuries and were somehow stressed, however their spirits were good.




Actually, what the rescuers wanted was just to let the wallabies be comfortable and cozy and also give them blankets to keep them warm. They also put the 7 wallabies in the makeshift bed as it is safe and sound for them. The rescuers also gave them names, Geoffrey, Andrew (2 boys). The other 5 girls were also named after celebrities who've helped in rescuing animals in Australia bushfires. Watch the video below to have more information.



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