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Fluffy Dog Strolls Through And Interrupts TV Weather Forecast

The weather forecast of WMUR-TV was interrupted by an unexpected cute way by a fluffy Newfoundland. The meteorologist, Josh Judge was in the middle of his report when the dog decided to come in without even care about anyone.

When the dog interrupted the weather forecast Josh was in the middle of his report saying that the sunshine increasing, and when he saw the dog, he added that and there is a dog behind me, he then started laughing randomly. Josh added that he was just doing the weather when he saw the dog, so he had stopped for less than a second to make sure that he really saw a dog.

The truth was that the dog, Bella, who is owned by Amy Coveno, a weekend news anchor and Josh's colleague, was in the studio for an upcoming feature on veterinarians, but Josh had no idea about that. Watch the video below to have more information.

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An adorable 7-year-old boy grew hair in support for the cancer patients but his own story takes a tragic turn…

An unfair life
Life is not fair for everyone and it is a sad lesson that Vinny Desautels learned after doing something that takes so much courage that even adults wouldn’t do and he is just a kid. He actually grew his hair for two whole years and he let them be as long as 13 inches and then he had them cut and donated to the cancer patients. What a brilliant gesture indeed!

Despite doing such a big thing, some people made fun of him and said that he looked like a girl. What he did was an amazingly affectionate thing to do for cancer patients. However, this is not the only suffering he bore but the real tragic news is that he himself has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in April, 2016. What happened was that one day he came home and started complaining about a knee pain he had and upon examination, doctors found a tumor on his iliac bone.

It only took another week for him to have another trip to the doctor because of a swelling eye. Everyone was expecting it to be some sort of allergy but it wasn’t just allergy but an aggressive form of cancer. The worst had already happened and doctors are still trying to determine the type of cancer Vinny has. Worst of all is that Vinny is now struggling to have his medical bills paid and his parents are planning another child.

Sue and Ron Desautels are his grandparents who started a GoFundMe account for him and the goal of $500,000 was nearly achieved at $460,000 and the page is no longer receiving donations. The grandparents put some other links on GoFundMe and motivated people to donate to other children suffering with this.

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