Kind-hearted Man Adopts Traumatized Pit Bull That Was Rejected By Two Families

Raven had an extremely troubled life. The pit bull dog spent most part of his life entering and leaving shelters, without any stability, which traumatized her immensely. Terrified just for being with other dogs, Raven became very aggressive.

When Collin, a kind-hearted man, decided to adopt her, he soon realized that he would have a long way to go to help Raven in his aggression and fear.

The anxious puppy spent most of her time fearing it would be rejected again and return to the shelter, which made it “stick” to Collin all the time, afraid of being left behind.

When the dog started to trust the man and always be around, Collin gradually introduced different dogs to her, who always showed some fear about approaching the other dogs, but he did not give up and continued in this process, having small evolutions every day.

After just over a month, Raven was able to approach other puppies.

Watch the video and see Raven’s incredible transformation and how she finally managed to have her dream family, with an adoptive father who loves her and a human sister who is her best friend. She always deserved it!