87-Year-Old Man Locked Up His Dog Chained In Box For 6 Years

Coming to this life having a great family does not happened to everyone even for dogs. A group of rescuers and Good Samaritans saved a poor dog from her bad luck and changed her fate.

The problem was that the dog has an 87-year-old owner who thought that chaining dogs in a small dog house in a stinking backyard is the best place for them. The dog stayed chained in the small dog house for six years until someone found him and called police about animal abuse.

Thankfully, the police came and take the dog from the owner who was also fined and band from keeping dogs again. The dog was completely afraid after seeing the rescuers as she had never seen any other humans than her owners.

She also tried to scare the rescuer away by baring all her teeth. It was obvious that she was terrified and aggressive because of her body language. So, the rescuers decided to give her some food in order to get her trust.

The bad thing was that she could hardly reach the food because of the chains! It was a very bad case of neglecting and abusing. Thankfully, Takis Shelter took the dog who was named Liberty which means freedom.

She has some fellow dogs and cats and began playing with them and had her smile for the first time she is showing some signs of development and improvement. We all hope she will be completely healed again, so, she can have another chance in a forever home.

Watch the video below.

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