Skin-Bone Dog Roaming The Streets, Wondering When His Last Day Will Come!

A poor thin stray dog, that was starved and almost dehydrated, was spotted wandering around County Road 28 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The people, who saw the dog who had a bungee cord around his neck, took a photo of him, and sent it to their friend, who directly shared it online asking for help. the photo went viral and let many people go out to find him before he passed away.

Unfortunately, they spent more than one day, but they could not find him. Connie Bowen, who works with FurEver United Rescue, was with those people, and she brought her rescue dog for help. the dog suddenly started pulling her in one way!

Bowen followed her and she suddenly saw the poor dog standing there! But when they thought that they caught the dog, he decided to run away as he got nervous! Thankfully, they were able to find him again using a trap with chicken.

However, the dog, that they named Sawyer, is now receiving treatments at Animal Medical Corpus Christi, where they believe that he can make a complete recovery despite having pneumonia and heart worm disease. He will be placed in a foster home when he is healthy, and will also be available for adoption when he is completely healed.

Watch the video below.

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