Soldier Adopts Dog Who Took 4 Bullets For Him And Lost One Of Legs To Protect Him

A four-year-old dog called Layka was deployed in Afghanistan alongside Julian McDonald, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. for bomb detection duties. The dog bravely shielded Julian when a shooter attacked their regiment and took 4 bullets!

Layka was directly rushed to the hospital, where she underwent an intensive surgery, that lasted for 7 hours. Miraculously, the dog survived, but one her leg was amputated as it was too damaged. So, Julian directly pledged to adopt her as she would surely be retired.

His kind act was a weird act for some people as they said that Layka would be a threat to his children as they thought she was aggressive. People even mocked him!

Anyway, Julian did not even care about these opinions and adopted Layka, who saved his life. This shows us the real meaning of loyalty by both.

Watch the video below.

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