Stray Dog Keeps Sitting In Same Place Every Day, Hoping Someone Will Save Him

Howl Of A Dog, a rescue group, saw a poor dog waiting in the same place during their neuter/spay campaign in a rural area of Romania. Remy, the brown dog who had a large scar on his face, came every day to greet the volunteers.

The volunteers knew that it was a burn from a hot iron. As in Romania there is a thought says that if you want to build up the immune system of the dogs use a hot iron. But it is just a cruel act! They also noticed that Remy, who also had an injury to his ear, loves to sleep in front of a grocery store, as he was fed every day by a worker there.

Despite his bad condition, he is so happy and joyful. Actually, a dog like Remy who gives unconditional loves, would get adopted immediately. But this does not apply in Romania, as they see dogs as pests! So, the volunteers decided to find a forever home to Remy in Romania, but no one wanted to take him.

So, they took him to Greece with them, hoping that they can find a forever home for him. He is now in a foster home where he has a warm bed, and toys to play with friends. We hope that he finds a forever home soon.

Watch the video below.

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